02 April 2011

Money Wise: Assorted coin wrappers

This is a great way to teach your kids, your spouse, or even yourself. This helps you save money on the side that will help you to not spend it. It's a great goal to have and I just recently figured that I should start doing it because I have a secret stash of savings hidden somewhere haha. It's like my comfort blanket knowing I have something to turn to. Whatever your reason is, you should give it a try. Buy a pack of these coin wrappers and collect all your loose changes and see how that goes. Have FUN :)

I have $521.50 assorted coins to save in dimes, quarters, pennies, and dimes.
So far I have $70.50, not bad. It took me about a year to save these coins haha. But I am determine to get there.

$451 to go!