20 December 2013

Debt Free: December 2013 Breakdown

(Debt # & Outstanding Balance)

Debt #1: $500 = PAID OFF
Debt #2: $500  =  $2,500
Debt #3: $1,000  = $11,636.29
Debt #4: $300  = $12,240.52

It felt awesome getting the Christmas gifts out of the way & we were able to find the fund within our new budget to add extra money into the payments. Since I have already made payments to all three bills this month. It is safe to say I am able to post this :), plus I was very excited about it. Bringing it down slowly is the key here. We'll see how next month's payments will go & I am really hoping for another good news. Happy Aloha Friday everyone.

**** Totally forgot to add the other debt that we paid. Debt #1 was paid off, so now we have three left.****

17 December 2013

Budget template 

Click here to  download your own Budget Template  (credit to: Dollartimes.com). Follow the link to choose your choice budget sheets. I recommend the "Custom" to add your own category. This has to be my favorite FREE budget template & so simple to follow. Print one for every month & place it in a pretty binder.

16 December 2013

2014 Financial goal

Honestly, how many 20 something year old couples focus on their debt before partying? Starting the New Year right & what better way to spend the last few days of 2013 than to plan ahead. I am not married, no children, and finally finished my 2-year college & paid off that $30K tuition in two years. New career path happened in our 6 years relationship & making adult plans together. We want to get married, we want a house, we want a stable savings account, but we want to be completely debt free before moving any further. Our relationship is very solid & I would like to help reach our goals together by attacking his "big boy" school loans. We are rounding up his total debt to $30k. Our ultimate goal is to be debt free in two years or less.

 Debt #1: $500
     Debt #2: $3,000
Debt #3: $12,436.29
Debt #4: $12,240.52
Total: $30, 000 (estimate)

Each month I will show how much was put towards each debt. We will estimate a monthly spending to $3,000. (This is just roughly how much we would spend each month & it could be more or less.) I will also post a link very soon where you can download the budget planner template. 

Here you will see the struggle and see me with trial & error. No one is perfect & I will continue to make adjustments to suit & meet our need. 

What are you looking forward to accomplishing in 2014?