30 April 2015

Debt free: April 2015 breakdown

(Debt # & Outstanding Balance)

Debt #4: $300 =  $11,100.57

Joel and I never knew that this day would come when we are only down to ONE student loan debt. Hallelujah! As of today, we are only taking care of this last school loan and although it is not the last debt we will acquire, it should be the last student loan. In the next few months we will probably acquire a new car loan and some home goods because we are moving in a few months. 

Come on though, student loan debts are the death of all our 20s because we are usually working just to pay for a piece of paper -_-. Since I posted a payment that is three times the actual minimum payment the due date has been pushed to July. Hopefully in the next two months, I can continue to pay $300 to push the next due to date December or January 2016 to help us out for the move in August. April is the month were crunch time started and I cannot be more stressed that I already am. I am on the verge of hitting Britney Spears 2007 era, I am losing it ha-ha. 

Before moving, we want to have a total balance of $10,000 on this last student loan so cross fingers that it all falls through. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing as far as balancing and saving money right now because my mind is everywhere. I am starting to wear out…… like driving on a 15-year-old tires. 

The goal for this last piece of SOB is to pay it completely off by the 3rd quarter of 2016. So…. that means not much will be put into savings, but once it is gone? Save, save, save! 

What are your financial goals for the rest of 2015?

13 April 2015

Invested energy

Lately, I have been wanting to yank my hair, scream, punch walls, and kick a car off its parking stall. Bottom line, my stress level have been going 100 mph and I am close to burning out. So many things to think about and to do, and being the Virgo that I am I am prone to wearing off myself without budging. I can burn my energy just by sitting down and thinking.

Fellow Virgo, please tell me it is not just me going mad when I say we over think, freak out often, try to be perfectionist, give up, and get frustrated because we just wrote a 10 page to-do list? We give up often, but we still get the job done. I cannot function without a little stress here and there, but I really have a short fuse and that is something I constantly try to work on.

I am a work in progress, but sometimes I wonder if I am even working towards something that is worth it? Am I investing my time where it reap benefits? Am I giving too much of my time to something that will not serve me in the future? Am I spending my time wisely? Am I giving attention to things that even matter?

That paragraph alone just proved my point that I think way, too much.

I have days when everything seems to go with the flow, I'm on my Hawaii's chill vibe. At the snap of a finger, I will turn into someone who just grew up in the hood where you have to act tough to prevent anyone from trying to mess with you. Honestly, I can go from a turtle to a chihuahua/pit bull mix in 10 seconds. Don't get me wrong, my boyfriend likes the fact that I can love like a cat and attack like a pit bull if needed, but sometimes I ask myself if certain situation needs a reaction from me.

It is okay to allow yourself to release some tension, but it is more important to take a step back for a minute or two before reacting. Words can really hurt just as much as action. I learned that when I scream into a pillow, it means that I am starting to lose control and will not give a rats ass who is in my way. I will make you feel so uncomfortable to let you know that I am on full attack mode. One wrong move or word, I will forget what respect means. When I catch myself about to scream, I simply close all doors, windows, and turn on the radio or television to drown out any outside noise. Ear phones have always been my friend when I am turning into the Hulk.

Find something that you find helpful to drown out anything that's upsetting you. Before you go from 0 to 100, stop at 50 and try out a method. Whether it's loud music, a movie, laying down, work out, going for a walk (or run if you're really mad), or writing. I find that loud music, movie playing in the background, and writing helps me calm down. Sometimes venting to my sister thru text helps because we eventually turn the entire thing into a sarcastic conversation and after an hour or two, the laughing out loud emoji seems to fill up my text inbox. By the end of the day, I will feel better and no holes were punched to the walls or cars being kicked ha-ha.

It's true that it is healthy to have a little stress in our life from time to time. I really believe in this because it gives me the time I need to evaluate and better myself. I learn new things about myself by going through stress. But too much of it can cloud my mind and the last thing I want right now is to relapse to my old self.

When it comes to stress and bad vibes, limit where you invest your energy. Take a personal day-off if the stress is, too much to defuse in 30 minutes or less. If it's a small matter such as the store is out of your shoe size or that someone messed up your drive-thru order, I suggest you muffle a little "F U" under your breath then brush it off. There is no point into making a petty problem become bigger than the size of your thumb.

Spread good vibe ALWAYS and take control of your stress. Invest your energy where it matters such as time to yourself, spend time with love ones, go to the beach, or heck just nap.

"For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

10 April 2015

90-days Build-a-booty program

I know I mentioned that I will keep only ONE post to update everyone on my fitness journey, but I would like to share the workout programs that I am using to help me achieve my goals.

***I will update this post once I finish the full 90 days of this program with before and after pictures. In the mean time, I will post my 3 weeks result from the first month of the program. Please no rude comments, thanks.***

The program is fairly simple and the moves on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being hard), I would rate it about a 7. But when you perform each moves with great form and increase in weights/resistance, you will scream rating it at 11. The steps are easy to follow, but TRUST ME when I say that when you start increasing your weights each week, you will either feel like you are on beast mode or cry from shaking knees and sore thighs.

You only need a set dumbbells for the program to which I suggest investing on a power block to make it easier for you to switch your weights when necessary. Purchase yourself some ankle weights as well for the glutes bridges move to give resistance. Another equipment I use is a bar with changeable weights to go with it (my boyfriend works out at home  as well & purchased individual weights prior to purchasing the power block). I use the bar for the regular deadlift move and have recently increased the weights about two weeks ago. I went from puny 40 pounds to 50 pounds during the last two weeks of the first month. I am happy to say that I will be increasing the weights for my deadlift to 60-70 pounds this coming week (my goal is at least 100 - 120 pounds by the end of the program).

The key to maximizing your results or to notice results is to be consistent, eat clean, and do your stretches. This is my 2nd if not 3rd time trying out the program, but I was not consistent thus not seeing much results. I have not missed a single session for the last 4 weeks and I am starting to reap the benefits. My glutes feel more firm and giiiiirl, they are starting to defy gravity ha-ha. Eat clean while doing the program (or any fitness journey or just in general actually) because why try to tone up when you're always scarfing down quarter pounders and large fries dunked in chocolate shake? Eating clean will also help you boost your energy for the next booty day! Last tip is to always do your stretches! I used to be flexible because I used to do at home pilates, yoga, and flexibility challenge, but that went out the door last year. Now, I am stiff as a log once again and made my first two weeks like hell because I often had sore muscles. Try to spend at least 5 minutes to stretch out your legs the day before booty day and again on your booty/leg day. It helps you prepare and avoid stiff muscles :) There is nothing worse than working out like a beast when you cannot do the right form due to sore and stiff muscles. No bieno!

So far, I would recommend this program to anyone wanting a firm apple bottom by 2015 summer season. You have 3 months to get that if you start today!

Equipments needed:

  • Set of dumbbells (various weights)
  • Bar (optional)
  • Ankle weights (optional)
  • Chair
  • Individual weights (optional)
Total program length:
  • 90 days (3 months & 3 phase)

Taken: March 2015 (3rd week results)

06 April 2015

Movers Ready?

It's that time of the year again when the bucket and mop gets together for long hours of cleaning. Empty boxes for "Throw, Donate, Keep" label. I'll be honest here, I don't get why thoroughly cleaning your home should be determined by a season. I mean, shouldn't you always try and keep it clean anyway? Who am I to judge, I was just putting it out there ha-ha. Please don't hate me. 

I'm afraid of spring because although my allergies happens whenever it feels like it, I hate spring the most. It always makes me want to shoot my nose off. I still do it anyway because I am a clean freak, so what the heck. 

This year's spring cleaning will be a little different because it might just be the official LAST spring cleaning I will ever have in Hawaii. I'm starting to have doubts about it, but I think I just feel anxious. I'm also going to be honest that I have not made any "to clean" list this time as I usually do each year, but rather made categories and list of what I need to rid of and take. I'm starting the "Mover's Ready" list. 

My spring cleaning involves: Sell, Keep, Donate, and Save bucket (Moving expenses such as first rent, tickets, pets, etc).

  1. 30% - 50% of clothes (Thru Threadflip app)
  2. 25% home goods (Summer garage sale?)
  3. Furnitures (Dresser, desk, tables thru Craigslist)
  4. DVDs (Thru Buy-and-sell book stores)
  5. Workout equipments (Thru Craigslist)
  6. iMac (Thru online?)
  1. Christmas goodies
  2. Unsold clothes
  3. Books
  4. Unsold home goods
  1. Clothes that still fits and of use 
  2. Sentimental items 
  3. Our Dog and Bunny (Obviously ha-ha)
  1. $1,500 (for Doggy & Bunny)
    • $500 for plane tickers
    • $500 for vet check-ups & neuter surgery 
    • $100 airline approved carriers 
    • $400 for first month expenses 
  2. $2,000 (for The Move)
    • Two one-way tickets 
    • Luggages fees
  3. $1,500 (for Move-in fees)
    • Non-refundable fees
    • Pet fees
    • Bunch of first time renter b.s. really 
  4. $2,000 (for transportation)
    • Auto downpayment
  5. $10,000 (for 6-7 months expenses)
    • Monthly rent
    • Monthly expenses & current bills 
This seems like a lot of money to save & things to do just to move and in just 3-4 months (due date), but as long as we focus and stay on track I think it is very doable. Give me the strength to avoid winter clearance, God. I beg of you ha-ha. This is the big reason why I started the Shopping Diet Challenges because I needed motivation. 

Month breakdown :
  1. April - May 
    • Sell unwanted clothing
    • Save Bucket # 1, #3, & #5
  2. June - August  
    • Sell and Donate everything 
    • Save Bucket #2 & #4
It's a pretty simple list,  but when money is involved it surely is harder to follow. I think I will print this post out and stick it on my wall. I can feel a panic attack coming through just reading the Save Bucket category. But I am a Virgo and this is what we do! Make a long list, panic, look at the list again, panic some more, give up, and eventually get it done anyway. 


01 April 2015

Month 4: Decreasing on MG

This month went by rather quickly and I cannot praise the heavens enough for it. Given that my third month was filled with plugged nose and I could not taste my food, this month was the end of it. I started tasting food as long as if they were spicy at the level of sweats on your scalp, lips numb, and eyes burning.

I didn't notice much changes as far as my body goes but I am happy to say that I have noticed my vaping decreased. The amount of nicotine also dropped from 12 mg to 3-9mg in just three weeks. My urge to vape now compared to two months ago has lessen to about 50% if I say so myself. I no longer feel the need to constantly hold on to my vape when I am out in public or near me. My battery life on my vape at full charge can last me about a day and a half, sometimes a full 48 hours. A 15 ml e-juice use to last me exactly 7 days and as of today, that can last me about 10 days.

My fourth month has to be the closest I have ever gotten to being analog-free compared to the days I used to try cold turkey. I have never felt better about my skin, breathing, and waking up in the morning. I dreaded waking up because I always felt sluggish and tired, but today I can stretch for a minute and hop out of bed at 7AM without wanting to roll over and sleep in.

I know it is not as good as being completely off the analogs because I still have nicotine intakes daily, but give me credit because I have been a half-a-pack-a-day for 6 long years. This is the closest I got to victory! Ha-ha, sounds mushy, but if it had not been for vaping I would not have the energy to start up on my fitness journey again or have the strength to wake up with a positive attitude everyday. Vaping has helped me think clearly and focus on all the things on my to-do-list.

What have you done to help you quit analogs? Are you vaping?