28 February 2011

Furry Babies: Pets' finger paints, too.

Inspiration from Younghouselove.com. That small painting is from their awesome chihuahua, Burger. My pomeranians had a blast doing it, but I didn't when it came to cleaning up their master pieces - ON MY FLOOR haha. It's all good though, thank goodness it removes very well.

Here is my take on it. Top orange colored one is from my boy, Patron. Bottom is his sister's paws, Fran"cesca". I bought the black and white frames from Walmart for about $12 each frames. They also had the all white like YHL.

Items used
$12 each picture frames
Oil paints (it's the only paint I had at the moment.)
**You can use water paint as well, it should dry faster**
Thick sketch paper
Paper plate

Bedroom Project: To buy list

  • Grey and teal curtain
  • $70/4 sets
  • Grey bed skirt
  • Blanket
  • Picture frames
  • $24.00
  • Fabrics
  • $50
  • Throw pillow
  • Shaggy rug
  • $6.99
  • Basket bins
  • Push pins
  • $6.00
  • Cork board
  • $6.67
  • Tiny clothes pin
  • $2.35
  • Clothes line/fabric rope
  • $0.05
  • End tables
  • Chair
  • Headboard/curtain/bench fabric
  • Spray paints

  • Bench
    $79.99 (-20% off because of a damage)

My most important things for the masters bedroom. We'll see how much the total will be in the near future? I am on a mission to not break my wallet. 

Bedroom Project: Before Photos

Our big space upon entering out bedroom door. It is very empty that I decided to bring out my vanity area to add "something".
I bought the vintage like teal table from Ross for $130 compared to $300 retail value. Not bad I would say, I was in love when I seen it and it is very eye catching, don't you think?

And here's our super bare and boring bed haha. I have just removed all bedskirts and our curtains since walmart ran out of the blue and grey at the time. In total in this master's bedroom we have 4 windows. I have bought a matching blue/teal pillow case standard size and grey bed sheet. Any other ideas? I'm planning to get a grey bedskirt and teal and yellow throw pillows. Maybe a teal or grey blanket?

Right next to that is my very own corner in the room for my computer MY AREA. A place I call mines anywhere in the home haha. I purchased the table from target while it was on a clearance sale for about $90. I'm thinking about painting it over with a beautiful light yellow and add some teal stencils on top, but we'll see where out budget takes us.

This is our bare window facing our neighbors side of the house. Not much of a great view but the sun is beautifully lighting in our bedroom in the day.

Our other bare wall. Notice I used "bare" in most descriptions, haha. This is right next to my computer corner and the door way. I would like to remove the intercom but that is not an option. Any opinion on how I should cover it? I'll place some picture frames on here with an ottoman below and some throw pillow. What do you think?

Let the fun begin..... after the dogs' vet bills and the other bills. Slowly but surely this room should come together :)