20 February 2014

Debt Free: February 2014 Breakdown

(Debt # & Outstanding Balance)

Debt #2: $1,500 =  PAID OFF!
Debt #3: $1,005 = $9,930.79
Debt #4: $250  = $11,857.73

Another debt has been paid off and the next debt is down by $2k. This month was a good month to see another debt out of the list of four. Two debt down within two months since ringing in the New Year. Although shopping was a little bit over budget again (we'll get to that to a different post.) It was pretty hectic this financially just to make sure we were able to pay off Debt #2 so I was having a hard time trying to balance out the money coming in, going out, and being saved. I am hoping to get rid of Debt #3 as early as August 2014 so we are crossing all fingers & toes. 

How is everyone going with their debt free journey?

05 February 2014

The struggle is real

I made the decision to make part of this blog as a journal, but of course financially. If you have any suggestions or opinions, please feel free to send them my way. 

I have been shopping online like a mad man last month & it took a little chunk of our home budget. I mean life happens & so does sales. Ever since we started this journey to becoming debt free, I was a little more careful about where I shop, what I buy, & what for.

H & M had a huge clearance sales plus an extra 50% all sales item. I was high on all these clothes left & right. After two hours of being glued to the screen, I was able to click "Checkout" with $400 worth of products & only paid $95 (shipping already included). I know that's $100 I could have put elsewhere but I had a good reason (most shoppaholics says this haha). I noticed that I was spending countless money on clothes that looks "nice" only to end up not using them because my tops don't match with my bottoms or that my shoes don't go well with anything. So I took advantage of the huge discount prices & a lot of the plain, neutral colors. So I stocked up on lots of no printed black, white, & nude clothes. You see my good reason there? Yeah I know, I was awesome and in control, haha. Just go with it, okay?

So what are you all struggling with while trying to reach a debt free life?