25 February 2013

About Owl Always DIY

I began growing an interest in cute owls, I don't know why but collection is starting to grow here and there.

I have been going on and off about blogging on here for a few years but I feel like I am going to be more determine to keep up with it since my associate's degree is only four classes away. This blog is pretty much about D.I.Y-ing (hence the name), leaning toward a vegan (or attempting again) diet and perhaps a lifestyle, living on a budget, learning to go green, and just live.

The choice of going green started with the simple math of saving money such as buying things in bulk means less plastic = $avings! I also donated about eight times since January 2013 to my local Goodwill and that hyped up my urge to go even further with being green.

I'm a business management major on the verge of becoming a tree hugger. I live in a little nutshell with my boyfriend for the past six years with two pomeranians and an overjoyed holland lop rabbit. I have been working in the medical field since 2010 and four months away from graduating with my Associate's degree in Business management. I hate to brag but I am the brains behind this blog but my boyfriend is the ultimate handy man, so any projects posted with hardware included, we will give thanks to him :)

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you get inspired by our journey (slowly but surely) to a vegan, eco-friendly, and budget friendly life.

Workout Resolution

I am not going to lie and sugar coat anything. I am not going to say working out is easy, losing weight is a piece of cake (but it does taste good), or results will pop up in a couple of days. It takes dedication, motivation, and self-control. I worked out for about 2 1/2 months and lost about 25 pounds (that's 2 1/2 pounds a week). I drank 4 liter of water, ate clean, worked out an hour a day, and stayed focus. It was a matter of self-control and learning. I strayed from that control and unfortunately gained 10 pounds in 4 months (I am crying an ocean right now). Back to that mode again and this time, I am not going to stop until I lose that 10 pounds plus another 10 pounds.


  1. Drink 4 liters of water daily
  2. 30 minutes cardio 6 times a week
  3. 20 minutes stretches 6 times a week, 30 minutes stretches once a week.
  4. 2 pounds shed each week
  5. Goal weight of 120 pounds by May 1, 2013
  6. Start pilates again
What are your resolution this year? I know, I failed for the January workout hype that everyone gets yearly lol. Better late than never right? Plus summer is only 5 months away. 

22 February 2013


under construction


under construction

Thrift Treasures

under construction

Recent green purchases

  • I purchased a reversible grill/griddle from Ross about a month ago which happened to be eco-friendly materials. The version I purchased was the Strauss Green Series 19" with Quantanium non-stick coating for $17 (Regular price online $32.50). Great for indoor grilling (if you do not know how to work a grill to save your life like me), removes LOTS of fats, and faster to cook breakfast. Plus, less frying pans to wash. 

  • PVC-Free white shower curtain, $6 at TJMaxx
  • BPA-Free reusable cups, $5-7 at Ross, Wal-Mart, TJMaxx
  • Stir fry pan, $9 (Retail $20), Ross or any discount stores. Great for fast and clean cooking.


under construction

Our Home To-Do-List

Our little "space" is lacking. NEVER let this happen, regardless if it is not a permanent home....yet. Treat your "space" with respect, love, and filled with passion (I meant artsy fartsy passion, guys haha.)

Some of the items listed will either take a day, a week, a month, or years but it is a great thing to keep track of everything. I will also post our budget for each room and/or project just to give you a clear idea of how we can do all the things on a tight budget. Plus I really want to encourage myself to stick to the budget lol. I am really hoping to get these done under the goal budget, that would a miracle.... errr THAT'S why we LOVE thrift stores, Craigslist, and DIYing.

I will post links to all the room soon. Some will be the ultimate BEFORE pictures and some will be IN THE PROCESS picture.

Master bedroom:

  • Build wooden/pallet full bed frame
  • Buy new mattress pad
  • Buy Queen/Standard pillow case
  • Buy odd shape throw pillow
  • Buy duvet cover
  • Paint computer desk (white)
  • Buy odd shapes picture frames
  • Hang picture frames above computer desk
  • Paint computer desk accessories (book holder, pen/pencil jars)
  • Make Magazine holder
  • Make printer cover
  • Make two box storage
  • Cover ugly outlet cases
  • Paint doors & frames (white)
  • DIY or purchase (2) computer chairs
    • BUDGET - $250

Master bathroom:

  • Paint toilet paper holder
  • Cover inside sink storage
  • Minimize and organize sink storage
  • Change towel holder
  • Change light above sink 
  • Change toilet bowl 
  • Laundry bag for clothes
    • BUDGET - $75

Guest bathroom:

  • Paint cabinets (white)
  • Cover inside cabinets
  • Remove old shower door frame
  • Hang shower curtain 
  • Change toilet bowl 
  • Change (2 light bulbs)
  • Laundry basket for towels
  • Buy new bucket lid
    • BUDGET - $85

Living room:

  • Paint walls (white)
  • Paint frames (white-r)
  • Get rid of leather love seat
  • White window treatment/curtain 
  • New cabinet storage 
    • BUDGET - $70


  • Repaint & hang mirror
  • Organize closet
    • BUDGET - $15


  • Smaller dining table $3
  • DIY (2) chairs
  • Storage unit/table
    • BUDGET - $130 
GOAL - $625 or less