30 September 2015

Summer 2015

Summer: June 21 - Sep. 23

Electric Daisy Carnival 2015
What better way to welcome summer than to start with my very first rave. To top it off, my first rave experience was the hyped event at Las Vegas' Motor Speedway: EDC! Crossed off the bucket list and shared the experience with a childhood friend and new friends from Hawaii. I could have not asked for a better crew to be surrounded with. To end the EDC chaos, my two Hawaii homies got a night out together. I finally tried escargot (part of my bucket list) and not planning to go for seconds ha-ha. Just imagine chewing and thinking about how they came from a shell, walk across with slime, and they have antennas. Yeah, no thank you. I'm not French enough for that. 

I was fortunate enough to celebrate a very historical day that has welcomed Love Equality. All 50 States now have legalized LGBT marriages! I got to spend last few days with my best friend before parting cities for the third time, but we are growing apart in physical distance and strength in everything else. All that mattered was cherishing every moment we had together to hug and laugh uncontrollably. It was also a great bonus to spend time with new friends for a second or third time. 

04 July 2015

Shit happens

Seems like plans will be about two months late as expected. Joel's job got him to stay back on the ship for extra two months due to work and emergency purposes. That just puts everything to a corner starting with the apartment, moving the other half of the things back in Hawaii, and everything else.

I feel like poop thinking about how everything that was planned out just got messy in less than three text sentences, damn it! Now we have to reevaluate the plan and make changes. I'm trying not to stress, too much about it so I'll look at is as I have more time to thoroughly plan out again. Hopefully this time it will be easier and less hectic since I will not be rushing so much.

My mainland vacation is about to end on July 22 because I have been missing my Patron and Elias so much since I got here and I need to get back to complete my summer, and to get things done. I miss snuggling my fur ball babies so much :(

I guess it's only appropriate to lay out my planner again?

  • Last Hawaii Summer 
  • Road Test 
  • Donate all unwanted things
  • Garage Sale?
  • Sell rest of unwanted clothes 
  • Finalize apartment application 
  • Ship out leftovers threadflip clothes 
  • Neuter Elias
  • Box up things to ship & bring 
  • Savings balance goal: $12k
  • Sell motorbike 
  • Sell gym equipments 
  • Start applying for jobs
  • Purchase an automobile 
  • …….loading 
I think so much, don't I? I feel so restless since I found out that all our August plans were to be moved back. Hey, shit happens and it probably has a purpose. So be it. 

My Summer 2015 blog post will be up soon :)

01 July 2015

Month 7: I fell off the wagon for a week

The week of June 22 - 28th really got me good. I fell off the wagon, guys! I feel like it took over my entire month, but today I'm taking back control and cleaned up my vape.

EDC happened and no one was allowed to bring in vapes, 99% of the friends I was with smoked so it was an easier fix for me. That one night led to the next day, to buying a pack, to buying another pack and a lighter for the following weekend. I made a lot of bad health decisions this week, but I don't want to beat myself up for it. I'm on vacation and got carried away with fun and making memories. Yes, I got drunk, I smoked, and this & that. That is no excuse, but the main thing is that I recognize where I messed up at and need to get back up. I'll call it an occasional slip up?

I could have easily just covered up the lie and say I did perfectly wonderful, but what's the point of this one year journey to recovery if I don't tell the truth about how hard it can get, too. There you go, I slipped up for a week. I let a melting pot of toxins in my body, recognize the problem, and pick up where I left off.

Cheers xoxo.

30 June 2015

debt free: June 2015 breakdown

(Debt # & Outstanding Balance)

Debt #4: $0 = $10,650

This month went by quickly and this update will probably be one of the shortest post EVER! Since I have been putting in more to the monthly payment the due date has been pushed to November 2015. To save the confusion of constantly apologizing or why the balance is not budging, this will be my last post on this debt until November.

I will resume paying monthly in November again.