17 March 2011

Bedroom Project: Almost finish with the bedroom!

HOORAH! The gray curtain is beginning to be the hardest part because I've been to 2 Walmart and NO LUCK!
Check list to an accomplished room:

  • Hang the bathroom curtain.

  • Develop pictures above computer.


  • Bedskirt.

  • Duvet/Cover.

  • Hang mirror, picture frames, and canvas.

  • Upholster bench.

  • Green plant.

  • Remove makeup table.

  • Make headboard for bed.

  • Hang US picture frame.

    We can do this! YAY YAY YAY we can.
  • 16 March 2011

    Money Wise: Needs over wants

    We all have this battle with our other half or even with ourselves. (I know it's mostly me fighting myself in front of a fitting room mirror haha).
    I'm decorating the bedroom right when my hubby got into RC cars (toy cars for MAN as he puts it) and it's a super WANT for him. It's hard to yank ourselves from each other's wants and harder to yank from OURSELVES.

    Compromising worked for a bit until I noticed our money up and leaving us; I knew I had to hold on extra tighter and lock ourselves at home. We all fall thru the cracks but let's try to cover up that crack to make sure we never step on it again.

  • Bring cash at all times and leave your cards at home when going shopping.
  • Before buying any major things ex. furnitures, clothes, groceries. Look for places that you will get a better deal and help you save money; like farmer's market over Walmart.
  • Decide what you will use that outfit for or where that new table will go in your home.
  • "With this price for this thing, I can use the money to fix our sink"
  • Make a priority list and check back whenever going anywhere.
  • ALWAYS make a grocery list and eat BEFORE going to the stores.

    Anytime you know you WANT something because of how it looks always think what you NEED it for!? Kapeesh? Avoid arguments haha.
  • 06 March 2011

    Money Wise: To eat out or not to eat out

    That is the question. We're the type of couples who LOVES sushi. If it was possible to spend $60 every single day or every single weekend, we would. But that is not even an option anymore. There's a lot of 24/7 restaurants that are open today and I hate to burst others' bubble but it's resulting to obesity and the gym is becoming rich, haha. We used to spend a whopping $50 a day for almost a month; that was a drag...for our wallets. We decided that we had to put an end to it.
  • Make a whole meal plan for a week every Sundays. Jot down groceries needed to buy, try to find coupons for certain items.
  • For bigger bulk items such as rice, poultry, beef, pork, breakfast food; we hit up wholesale places such as Costco or Sam's Club.
  • Instead of hitting up sushi bars too much, we gather groceries that can be made at home.
  • Checking online for recipes is another great way to plan a meal.
  • Always have people to eat with you to fight the urge to go out and eat. If you eat alone or in front of a tv that will most likely make you hungry again later on and hence making you want to go to a drive thru (from my experience).
  • Bring home lunch instead of wasting your 30 minutes lunch break to drive to a place, order, wait for it to be made, and rush eating.
  • If you love eating out at places, once a week or every 2 weeks isn't so bad. Avoid daily though.

    You don't always have to eat at fancy places to have the best food. There's nothing like cooking for people and have them enjoy it with you at home. Have a conversation, laugh, and watch yourself save money every week.
  • Money Wise: Miscalculation

    If you are anything like Joel who don't realize he's gone broke until he's out of cash and his card has been declined then maybe my strategy with him will work for you. With bills, kids, pets, other expenses, home, cars etc. it is hard to keep track with things you need to pay FIRST.
  • Make a "to pay list" and leave it where it is visible for you and your partner.
  • Organize all the bills, from the one due ASAP to the least.
  • Before pay day, jot down your bills and expenses.
  • List from groceries, to vet bills, phone, shopping etc.
  • Take $20 from your total 2 weeks pay (a total of $40 for me) and save it. I like to take $40 and stash it and forget about it. From time to time I like to check how much I have saved :)
  • Have a savings account. After all the important bills have been paid; before heading out to an outing, dates, movies etc., go on and head to the bank and deposit in your savings. That way you know you won't stress about not putting money away again!
  • 04 March 2011

    Bedroom Project: Bring life to your old chair

    I am very tight with my money and I won't always spend it on anything unnecessary. I try to look at all my all things and see how I can add some oomph to it without spending big bucks. We had a few hand me down chairs from my boyfriend's sister. A kitchen table set with 4 beautiful off white chairs. They were pretty brand new but we have guest come over and we have two dogs who seems to know how to jump on the chair. Some chairs aren't in the best condition as it was before with the usual wear and tear here and there. I purchased this very beautiful thick black and white fabric from walmart tonight. I was so excited that I decided to do my project tonight. A yard was $7.49 and it could cover TWO chairs. That's a great steal for me :).

    This fabric caught my attention from the moment I turned a corner in the store and instantly purchased it.

    I rushed home and got right to it. My dad was nice enough to let me use his staple gun. He's very giving and super generous but he's the type who don't like others handling his tools; I think it's a Dad thing. I think it seems a bit messy but who's really going to flip over my chair, right?

    TADA! Can you believe this chair was part of a walmart dinning set? I wouldn't have guess either :) My boyfriend and his friends were so amaze which added sprinkles and a cherry to my grin.
    Fabric: $7.49/yard (A yard covers two chairs)
    Total spent: $7.84

    03 March 2011

    Bedroom Project: Brightening a room with an ugly mirror

    This was a very easy project and cheap, too. I found this old mirror from my in-laws' storage room. It's not a pretty sight but I was in need of a makeup mirror. I figured this will do for the time being. The color was so dreading and it was screaming "Horrible. FIX ME!" That I did. I bought a Kryon spray paint in Gloss yellow. Bought #220 sandpaper, Kryon gray primer, and a very ugly mirror that needed some treatment. 3 hours later, TADA a very beautiful and bright piece.
    Paint: $4 each
    Sandpaper: $4
    Mirror: $0 (retail price was $50+)
    Total project spent: $12

    I have no followers at the moment, but stay tune if you are. I will show you the outcome and where it will be located in our super spacious and boring master's bedroom.

    01 March 2011

    Bedroom Project: Fresh and bright

    I never knew I would ever like shades of blue or ANY yellow. When I think about fresh, I think about green and white put together. But our room is already bright from off white walls, bright wood laminate floors and the sun, I need to add some color in this room. These are beautiful. Very relaxing and eye catching at the same time. I am planning to keep this similar look to my empty wall between my computer and the door way. Very lovely.