28 February 2011

Furry Babies: Pets' finger paints, too.

Inspiration from Younghouselove.com. That small painting is from their awesome chihuahua, Burger. My pomeranians had a blast doing it, but I didn't when it came to cleaning up their master pieces - ON MY FLOOR haha. It's all good though, thank goodness it removes very well.

Here is my take on it. Top orange colored one is from my boy, Patron. Bottom is his sister's paws, Fran"cesca". I bought the black and white frames from Walmart for about $12 each frames. They also had the all white like YHL.

Items used
$12 each picture frames
Oil paints (it's the only paint I had at the moment.)
**You can use water paint as well, it should dry faster**
Thick sketch paper
Paper plate

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