01 July 2015

Month 7: I fell off the wagon for a week

The week of June 22 - 28th really got me good. I fell off the wagon, guys! I feel like it took over my entire month, but today I'm taking back control and cleaned up my vape.

EDC happened and no one was allowed to bring in vapes, 99% of the friends I was with smoked so it was an easier fix for me. That one night led to the next day, to buying a pack, to buying another pack and a lighter for the following weekend. I made a lot of bad health decisions this week, but I don't want to beat myself up for it. I'm on vacation and got carried away with fun and making memories. Yes, I got drunk, I smoked, and this & that. That is no excuse, but the main thing is that I recognize where I messed up at and need to get back up. I'll call it an occasional slip up?

I could have easily just covered up the lie and say I did perfectly wonderful, but what's the point of this one year journey to recovery if I don't tell the truth about how hard it can get, too. There you go, I slipped up for a week. I let a melting pot of toxins in my body, recognize the problem, and pick up where I left off.

Cheers xoxo.

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