17 July 2011


I have been out of the blogging world and why is that?! Registration for school and I totally got hammered with hours of work after another. Yucky, I know. I do want to share my new addiction starting this week and I'm a total Ross bargain junkie so to get into this new place is an even better thing. I am officially into major vintage one of a kind deal!! Yes I am talking about thrift shops!

I searched all over for the best thrift shop on Oahu and found that the one located at Pearl City, Hawaii is the BEST! It is huge compared to any other thrift stores and they have the loads of clothes. If you love vintage and if you're in Hawaii, you need to hit up this place. I never knew how fun it was especially when I got 8 things in total today plus discounts for red tags, WOOHOO!

I am more happy to be shopping there and saving more money and I just might add a new category "Monthly outfits"; as much as I'd like to do a weekly or daily outfit, I know my schedule won't budge so I have to compromise on it. But I did find some goodies today and I will try and get back to youtube OR just post pictures on here.

It would be pointless to do a haul for you because thrift stores have one of a kind clothes since they are donated but I will do a "share haul". Check out my next post, I feel the need to give a few tips about shopping at a thrift store. I had to prep myself the second time I went which made the shopping trip easier.

Ciao :)

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