23 July 2011

Rid your face nasty pimples

Okay, we all know we can't get rid of them over night and worst; ALL at once! AHH.
I used to struggle with tons of acne all over my face, neck, back, and chest since I was in 6th grade up to 8th grade. I was thankful enough that it had calm down by the time I entered high school but they were still my worst enemy. My parents paid money almost every 6 months to take me to the dermatologist over and over and I think I tried just about every bar of soap, technique, acne medications and certain diets. When I started taking Proactiv, it seems to have killed the huge boogers and I was starting to feel better about myself and it truly was a confidence in a bottle. Once the acnes subside to more than 80% I got off the product and started taking care of myself more and since that day I hated soda and chocolate and never crave or bothered to eat them. My dermatologist told me that it is not always about hygienes, it is also connected to family history. If someone in your family had the same acne problem then that's where you could have gotten it from but also if someone has asthma which my grandpa have and I know it can't be the problem skin because my sister, mom, grandma, and great-grandma all happen to have porcelain skin. I am grateful though that I only inherited the acne because no one should be suffering asthma :(

Anyway, enough about my story but I just thought I'd let that out because I know people out there feel the same way I felt growing up. Today, I am more strict about what goes on my face and I want to make sure I don't aggravate any nasty bacterias under my pores. It takes discipline so listen up soldiers, hehe.

  1. Wash your bedsheets, blankets, and pillow cases once a week in hot water temperature. (I use oci-clean or tide and stick to white bedsheet sets because it feels fresh and I don't have to worry about the colors running or getting stained especially with hot water. Hot water kills the bacterias and gives you the fresh feeling after the wash.)
  2. Discipline yourself and limit to NO sodas, salty fries, and chips! (Those sound good right about now but your face will show how happy they are but your confidence won't.)
  3. If you must scratch your face, use the back of your palm because your finger tips touches EVERYTHING!
  4. If not, avoid touching your face constantly. It wouldn't hurt to tell others to not touch your face other, okay?
  5. Wash your face with luke warm water twice a day to open up your pores. Proceed with washing it with a face wash with acne killing ingredients, exfoliate, and wash with cold water to close the pores again. Pat dry, never rub!
  6. Don't forget to moisturize morning AND night.
  7. Drink plenty of water; don't substitute coffee, soda, and energy drinks for a good old H2O.
  8. Don't stress so much. (I probably crossed this off my list a long time ago but try to give yourself 30-60 minutes a day to just relax.)
  9. Sleep at least 6-8 hours.
Invest on a really good face scrubber, please. I don't prefer loofas because they can still be a little rough for my face and I don't like the texture of it. Rather, I invested about $40 on the new Olay professional scrubbing tool and I LOVE IT if I might say so myself. It is very gentle and it really cleans my face. I use toner twice a day and I noticed that my cotton pad don't seems to be brown and icky anymore after each wash. One time, I totally forgot I had my MAC foundation on with my blush and the rest of my face icings, took a shower, and I was surprised that my brush had turned brown (don't worry, it is very easy to clean off). I realized then that I have forget to use my makeup remover but I proceed using my toner anyway. I was so shocked because my cotton pad was TOTALLY clean! No trace of foundation or any dirt. I also notice that one of my dark spot from a stubborn acne scar of 4 months had disappeared. I gush when it comes to this tool haha. Worth the money. I found a deal from amazon which is half the amount I paid for retail, so I think it's best to get that $26 deal :)

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