20 December 2013

Debt Free: December 2013 Breakdown

(Debt # & Outstanding Balance)

Debt #1: $500 = PAID OFF
Debt #2: $500  =  $2,500
Debt #3: $1,000  = $11,636.29
Debt #4: $300  = $12,240.52

It felt awesome getting the Christmas gifts out of the way & we were able to find the fund within our new budget to add extra money into the payments. Since I have already made payments to all three bills this month. It is safe to say I am able to post this :), plus I was very excited about it. Bringing it down slowly is the key here. We'll see how next month's payments will go & I am really hoping for another good news. Happy Aloha Friday everyone.

**** Totally forgot to add the other debt that we paid. Debt #1 was paid off, so now we have three left.****

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