20 February 2014

Debt Free: February 2014 Breakdown

(Debt # & Outstanding Balance)

Debt #2: $1,500 =  PAID OFF!
Debt #3: $1,005 = $9,930.79
Debt #4: $250  = $11,857.73

Another debt has been paid off and the next debt is down by $2k. This month was a good month to see another debt out of the list of four. Two debt down within two months since ringing in the New Year. Although shopping was a little bit over budget again (we'll get to that to a different post.) It was pretty hectic this financially just to make sure we were able to pay off Debt #2 so I was having a hard time trying to balance out the money coming in, going out, and being saved. I am hoping to get rid of Debt #3 as early as August 2014 so we are crossing all fingers & toes. 

How is everyone going with their debt free journey?

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