22 May 2015

OMG Almost a month gone!

*This picture has nothing to do with the post, but it's exactly how I feel lately. Ha-ha*

I have not been blogging as much due to the fact that it is crazy, crazy, HECTIC lately. I have finally booked my flight to Vegas for next month and for the past three weeks I have been packing, organizing, and boxing up things to donate. Not to mention I have been trying to boost up energy to keep up with my workout routine, my eating habit is making me tired, and just plain busy. Oh, and I also have a busy mind that seems to be on full crank then dying out half way thru the day -_-.

I just wanted to touch base with whoever reads the blog and say that "I am still alive." My calendar so far seems to be really jammed pack as of right now, but I am beyond excited. I can't wait to start doing the shits I have always wanted to do. Travel, eat, decorate, family, and love. I'm just pretty much excited to just make plans and decisions that no one can influence anymore, I am so ready to start living the way I have always dreamt of. I feel like I was in jail for, too long and finally get released ha-ha.

Can I just spread out how the next few months will look like for me so I don't have to keep apologizing? Ha-ha, honestly can I? Okay, I will then :)


  • More packing
  • Finish Booty program
  • Apartment consultation 


  • Road test
  • EDC weekend
  • San Francisco retreat


  • Finalize apartment - set move in date
  • Back to Hawaii 
  • Last Hawaii summer 
  • Pack up everything 
  • Change of addresses, important documents, errands, etc. 


  • Birthday Month!
  • Move in
  • Honestly, everything will be crazy from here on out until we settle in ha-ha


  • Loading……….
I feel worn out typing that list down, man. I will still try my best to post the "$30k Debt-Free" and my monthly vaping updates :) Once the storm calms down, I will share a little bit of the "new compound" and of course the summer fun. I will milk the month of June as it might just be the last summer I spend with my best friend for awhile since she's moving up to The Bay. Our schedules will just be all over the place since we will both be busy settling in. Lets just say, June will be our one last hoorah before we turn into mature 25+ years old who has to start acting like adults ha-ha. Damn, I hate that word so much. 

Welp, here goes nothing. I am just excited, anxious, nervous, and the entire 9 yards. Lets get it! 

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