01 May 2015

Month 5: That energy is fire!

This post is a little late due to all the craziness this #MayPac has brought upon us Filipinos ha-ha. I'm totally being sarcastic, I was just slammed by a bunch of things here and there. Endless thinking.

Enough pity party. My fifth month came and gone so fast that I did not even notice it. I noticed that I had less hormonal chin break breakouts, less headaches, and the pain in my gums have been minimal. During the first couple months of vaping, my gums would hurt or between my teeth would tingle. I don't know if it was from vaping, but I have noticed that it had gone from a 10 to a 3 as far as pain goes from the scale of 1 to 10. 

My energy this month has been on crack! I never missed a day of workout (especially leg day 3x/week) and for that I am thankful. Five months ago, I know I would have never made it past 2 weeks into the workout program and would be complaining about doing legs three times a week. Either that's dedication or from the lack of analogs, but whatever it might be - THANK YOU!

Dear Month 6, 

I hope that all the energy I gained from Month 5, I hope I will give it my all. So here is a cheers to the month of May. 

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