22 February 2013

Recent green purchases

  • I purchased a reversible grill/griddle from Ross about a month ago which happened to be eco-friendly materials. The version I purchased was the Strauss Green Series 19" with Quantanium non-stick coating for $17 (Regular price online $32.50). Great for indoor grilling (if you do not know how to work a grill to save your life like me), removes LOTS of fats, and faster to cook breakfast. Plus, less frying pans to wash. 

  • PVC-Free white shower curtain, $6 at TJMaxx
  • BPA-Free reusable cups, $5-7 at Ross, Wal-Mart, TJMaxx
  • Stir fry pan, $9 (Retail $20), Ross or any discount stores. Great for fast and clean cooking.

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