03 January 2014

Holidays are finally over!

I love the holidays especially Christmas, I mean who doesn't right? I just finished my monthly add-ups in our budget planner & now we have extra $500 to spend on the debts. I am guilty after totaling up all the shopping spending from the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & Boxing Day sales, oh boy who knew I racked up $500 on all of it. So now that I look at it, we have an extra $1,000 to spend. This is exactly what I meant about trial & errors, most of the errors coming from me haha.

Remember that in the journey of going debt-free, you will encounter many mistakes & regrets along the way but don't beat your self up, just tell yourself that you will do better next time & get a tighter grip on "self control" or you can just stay away from websites that offers sale and/or unsubscribe to sites that reminds you about their sales. Being young & seeing all these clothes go on sale makes you go crazy! This gave me the idea to start a yearly goal rather than New Year, New Me resolutions that I know will eventually be broken. This year, I am using my bucket list as a reference for what I want to accomplish. I have handpicked a few GOALS that I would like to try this year (majority of the goals are to benefit us financially & emotionally.)

  1. Get my driver's license
  2. Pay off Debt #2 
  3. Pay off Debt #3
  4. Apply for my first credit card
  5. Become a minimalist 
  6. Be happy :)
  7. Stay Strong!
  8. Make $500 in clothes sale (ThreadFlip App)
  9. Start making jewelry sales
  10. Start being extra frugal 
GOAL: Complete at least 4 things. (By aiming to complete a minimum number, you are more likely to feel less stress & to actually feel accomplished without feeling down.) Try this method out! 

I plan to add a new category to my blog called "Tips". It is pretty much weekly tips on what you can do to save money, where to go, how to do it, etc. The whole What, When, Where, Why, & How shabang. I will do a weekly post on it, monthly post on "Debt Free", & maybe a slight tour of my journey to becoming a "Minimalist" :D. 

What are you all looking forward to accomplish this year? It's a new 365 pages book so make each day count. 

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