12 December 2014

Ca$h in your closet

We all have a closet full of unused or forgotten clothes (some with tags & other's pushed to the back of your closet or drawers.) I am pretty guilty of this, but I also have a problem with shopping for "just because" type of moment. I don't recommend it by the way.

I started using the iPhone app "Threadflip". Here is the overview of some of the things I have recently "flipped" or sold in 2014:

There are a lot of sites much like Threadflip & I have tried them all such as Posh Market, Yardsellr (which is no longer available), & Depop (UK base & harder to sell to U.S. base customers).

If you are looking to clear our your closet, Threadflip would be an awesome selling platform for you to check out. In a year, it is not much, but I was able to rake in $200 from a few of my clothes that were still in great condition.

How it works:

  1. Download app "Threadflip" on iPad or iPhone. You may also post thru their website on your computer. So three possible ways to post! 
  2. Sign up. If you're interested click thru here to sign up: Threadflip make me money
  3. Use the app camera to upload right now.
  4. Set your price & you have to choice to either have Threadflip send you a mailing package, free shipping, or buyer pays shipping. 
  5. Buyers can place an offer & sellers can counter or accept. 
  6. When item is sold, provide tracking number, Threadflip takes 20% cut so be mindful when setting your price that offers free shipping. 
  7. Once buyer receive their product, you get the best email: Cha-ching!
It's not a get rich outlet but hey it helps clear out your closet. It's a bonus getting a few money back to you, right?! The way I look at it, it's a side savings account for me :) Win-win.

Have fun ladies :) Do follow me on my Threadflip if you sign up. 



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