31 December 2014

2014 Highlights

This year was filled with adventures & memories that I will never forget. I would not change it for the world & can only hope to create new once next year :) As I have mentioned before, the reason for my long absence from blogging was due to a very much needed vacation that turned into a two month getaway. I don't regret it one bit & would do it all over again. Most of which, I returned to the happiest place on earth, meeting new friends, revisiting The Bay, going on my first road trip, driving over 100 mph (I know, against the law but come on now haha), living, & being 20 something! I have not seen my best friends for 2-3 years & my sister & her kids for 5 long years so 2014 was exactly what I needed.

Thank you again 2014 for being such an incredible roller coaster ride. I can say, it was one of the best year of my life & I am forever thankful for pulling myself away from my comfort zone. I learned to rely on myself & enjoy the company of being alone. I learned to go beyond what I was used to, be open to new experiences, clear my mind, welcome new obstacle, & that it is okay to make mistakes. I finally realized that life does not wait for anyone & we will never be able to relive the same memories again, so it is perfectly okay to get lost in the moment. You can never love anything or anyone else until you learn to fully love yourself first. 2014, you taught me self-worth above all things & I will cherish you forever. 




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