26 December 2014

Financial Focus

We're nearing the end of 2014 and I cannot be anymore excited about 2015. I actually have this feeling of treating my life like a book & when it's a new year, I always look at it as a new book, not a chapter, but an entire book. Am I the only one who feels like this? I have learned a lot of personal things in 2014, but not so much about financial matters. So 2015, I am focus a lot of my energy this coming year to getting on the right path financially. You know that American dream? Financial freedom, that's totally on top of my priority list at the moment. Second, working hard to start up my dream job :) Oh, I didn't mention? I dream of starting my own jewelry brand, but we'll talk about that later on in this blog.

Back to it, here are my 2015 goals to achieve. I am going to try to be as realistic as possible, I don't like disappointment.

  1. Pay off #3 debt: $6,000
Seriously, it is within reach to erase one pesky debt. It's so close that I can almost feel it, taste it, & close to doing a happy dance. The goal here is to pay off this debt in 6 months or less.

  1. Pay #4 debt: $2,500
Debt numero cuatro! I know it feels like it is never ending, but we are closer than we were seven years ago.
In less than a year, 1/4th of the total loan has been paid for. Once debt #3 is paid for, the main focus will
all be on #4. The joy of thinking about debts that you accumulate in your 20's huh? Goal for 2015 is to
pay a total of $2,500, which will bring down the last loan to $9,500.

  1. Emergency fund: $2,000
I just found the importance of starting an emergency fund. We found ourselves stuck in a runt a few
years ago when my dog, Patron had to be rushed to the vet because of a threatening boil on his behind.
I wasn't balancing my money, too well & I had to smash every ounce of ideas I had to come up with the
the money.

  1. Raise & maintain credit score: 850
I never knew how important a credit score was until I researched how to get a business loan, a house, &
almost everything else. America likes to base a lot on your financial credibility, right? Haha. But with all
the savings & paying off debts goals, we need to make sure we raise & maintain that score. The way I
see it, a well kept score will help me start a brick-and-mortar business, pre-approve on a home loan, & a
Range Rover one day.

  1. Moving day
If paying off loans wasn't enough of a stress factor, I really want to aim for a new place this coming year.
I think it's time for a change, right? What better way than to up & leave. I just want to feel more brave,
I guess or just adventurous. Probably just wanting a way out. Who knows?

  1. Budgeting
Refer to #1-5, this is how it will make them possible. Learn to budget every month to achieve every single goal that's been set-up. I cannot stress enough how important it is to budget everything from groceries to random expenses.

Who else is making separate 2015 Goals? I'm making about 2-3 just to point it out. There's Financial, Business, & Personal. Everyone's different, so what's yours? Let me know because I always could use some new ideas to add to my long list of goals. You see how I call it goals rather than dreams? It just sounds more realistic to me to just call every single one of my dreams as goals, hmm.



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