16 March 2011

Money Wise: Needs over wants

We all have this battle with our other half or even with ourselves. (I know it's mostly me fighting myself in front of a fitting room mirror haha).
I'm decorating the bedroom right when my hubby got into RC cars (toy cars for MAN as he puts it) and it's a super WANT for him. It's hard to yank ourselves from each other's wants and harder to yank from OURSELVES.

Compromising worked for a bit until I noticed our money up and leaving us; I knew I had to hold on extra tighter and lock ourselves at home. We all fall thru the cracks but let's try to cover up that crack to make sure we never step on it again.

  • Bring cash at all times and leave your cards at home when going shopping.
  • Before buying any major things ex. furnitures, clothes, groceries. Look for places that you will get a better deal and help you save money; like farmer's market over Walmart.
  • Decide what you will use that outfit for or where that new table will go in your home.
  • "With this price for this thing, I can use the money to fix our sink"
  • Make a priority list and check back whenever going anywhere.
  • ALWAYS make a grocery list and eat BEFORE going to the stores.

    Anytime you know you WANT something because of how it looks always think what you NEED it for!? Kapeesh? Avoid arguments haha.
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