04 March 2011

Bedroom Project: Bring life to your old chair

I am very tight with my money and I won't always spend it on anything unnecessary. I try to look at all my all things and see how I can add some oomph to it without spending big bucks. We had a few hand me down chairs from my boyfriend's sister. A kitchen table set with 4 beautiful off white chairs. They were pretty brand new but we have guest come over and we have two dogs who seems to know how to jump on the chair. Some chairs aren't in the best condition as it was before with the usual wear and tear here and there. I purchased this very beautiful thick black and white fabric from walmart tonight. I was so excited that I decided to do my project tonight. A yard was $7.49 and it could cover TWO chairs. That's a great steal for me :).

This fabric caught my attention from the moment I turned a corner in the store and instantly purchased it.

I rushed home and got right to it. My dad was nice enough to let me use his staple gun. He's very giving and super generous but he's the type who don't like others handling his tools; I think it's a Dad thing. I think it seems a bit messy but who's really going to flip over my chair, right?

TADA! Can you believe this chair was part of a walmart dinning set? I wouldn't have guess either :) My boyfriend and his friends were so amaze which added sprinkles and a cherry to my grin.
Fabric: $7.49/yard (A yard covers two chairs)
Total spent: $7.84

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