03 March 2011

Bedroom Project: Brightening a room with an ugly mirror

This was a very easy project and cheap, too. I found this old mirror from my in-laws' storage room. It's not a pretty sight but I was in need of a makeup mirror. I figured this will do for the time being. The color was so dreading and it was screaming "Horrible. FIX ME!" That I did. I bought a Kryon spray paint in Gloss yellow. Bought #220 sandpaper, Kryon gray primer, and a very ugly mirror that needed some treatment. 3 hours later, TADA a very beautiful and bright piece.
Paint: $4 each
Sandpaper: $4
Mirror: $0 (retail price was $50+)
Total project spent: $12

I have no followers at the moment, but stay tune if you are. I will show you the outcome and where it will be located in our super spacious and boring master's bedroom.

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