06 March 2011

Money Wise: Miscalculation

If you are anything like Joel who don't realize he's gone broke until he's out of cash and his card has been declined then maybe my strategy with him will work for you. With bills, kids, pets, other expenses, home, cars etc. it is hard to keep track with things you need to pay FIRST.
  • Make a "to pay list" and leave it where it is visible for you and your partner.
  • Organize all the bills, from the one due ASAP to the least.
  • Before pay day, jot down your bills and expenses.
  • List from groceries, to vet bills, phone, shopping etc.
  • Take $20 from your total 2 weeks pay (a total of $40 for me) and save it. I like to take $40 and stash it and forget about it. From time to time I like to check how much I have saved :)
  • Have a savings account. After all the important bills have been paid; before heading out to an outing, dates, movies etc., go on and head to the bank and deposit in your savings. That way you know you won't stress about not putting money away again!
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