12 January 2014

Blog Tip Friday: Little things that counts

I'm sorry that it is two days, late. I thought I clicked published but it was "Saved" -__-.
Okay before you think this is wedding related let me burst your bubble, IT'S NOT! Haha. I just want to share the little switches you can do to save money or get some free things. I have practiced these tips for awhile now & sometimes I am still trying to make slight adjustments to maximize the benefits. These are all the little changes I have added into my life slowly to help us financially & always considering the  environment in the process.

  1. Unsubscribe to shopping site to avoid the temptation to hurry on over to their sales. 
  2. Adapt a minimalist wardrobe (if not possible), take a trip to the thrift stores. 
  3. Donate at least once a year for your tax season. 
  4. Castile soap as an all-purpose at home product (will post a separate one on this)
  5. Buy quality beauty products
  6. Buy a water pitcher
  7. Love magazines? Google free magazine subscriptions & you can sign up to as much as you'd like & in many different categories. 
  8. Learn to DIY 
  9. Youtube your workout 
  10. Learn to love running 
  11. Eat clean 
  12. Make Google your friend. Search free movies online rather than netflix or movie theaters. 
  13. Create a budget planner
  14. Shop with cash, once it is gone, it's gone. 
  15. Limit credit card use to bills, once paid, tuck it away. 
  16. Cut your hair at home (Thank you Youtube. Im not a hairstylist for the past three years to myself)
  17. Got indoor dogs? Using pee pads? Purchase reusable medical pads from eBay. 
  18. Make home cooked dog food (will post recipes)
  19. Empty out your wallet everyday & dump out coins into a coin jar. Don't exchange to coinstar as they take out $0.11 each $1.00. Roll them up & deposit it to your bank instead. No shame in rolled coins people!
  20. Coffee drinker? Buy a reusable cup (preferably a starbuck look alike, it helps!), a small 4 cups coffee maker, & buy your coffee of choice. That saves you $10 a day, if you're an avid drinker like me.
  21. Bring home lunch to work. 
  22. Don't buy Christmas gifts on Black Friday (that's an excuse to buy too much), slowly buy gives throughout the year. Start buying non-clothing & non-food related gifts. Or consider DIY. 
  23. Buy necessary daily things in bulk such as cleaning products, rice, shampoo, etc.

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