16 January 2014

Debt Free: January 2014 Breakdown

(Debt # & Outstanding Balance)

Debt #2: $1,000  =  $1, 500
Debt #3: $900  = $10, 839.31
Debt #4: $250  = $12, 107.73

I just want to flat out say, I did not do very well with the "shopping budget/allowance" I had set up for January :( But I did under spent on other things. Well, lets move away from the personal spendings shall we, haha. We were able to bring down total debts this month once again. I look forward each month to post the drop in our debt total. This month, we were able to keep aside bits of money from last month's incomes so we were able to pay each bill ahead of time so here you go fellow debt free lovers :D

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