16 January 2014

Blog Tip Friday: All-purpose coconut oil (organic)

I have always loved the smell & taste of coconut juice. It was like a drug to me, haha. Yes, that addicted to coconut. I went through the phase (still an on-going journey) of trying to find natural remedies. My two favorite things are Dr. Bonner castile soap & organic coconut milk. We all love our beauty regimes because I know I focus so much on mines. Save money & still see results. Here are list of how far my coconut milk jar goes in our household.

Coat & massage in 1-2 tablespoon (depending on the length & thickness of your hair) of coconut oil through my hair & concentrating where it dries up the most. Cover with a plastic bag & leave in for at least 30 minutes. I like to leave mines in 60-90 minutes three times a week, which usually are the days when I wash my hair. Wash out with your shampoo as usual, maybe twice just to get the rest of the oil out. Conditioner is optional, this is my cheap & easy conditioner now a days.

It has been my go-to & inexpensive face moisturizer for the past 12 months. Proceed with your usual face routine but substitute your current moisturizer with organic coconut oil. A little goes a long way and a 1 oz. can last me about 3 months using it twice a day.

Coconut oil also contains SPF 4 so it is perfect to use for hanging around the house. It also works as my eye cream & helps my dark circles (trust me, I sleep late often.)

It is also a natural antibacterial product so it will not cause you to breakout. Yes, it is oil but the molecules are, too big to clog your pores. Like many who switch products, you might experience some breakout for the first few days. But this product has help to keep my acne less red, big, & sore.

I practice oil pulling and have been for the last 6 months. You may search up the benefits of oil pulling. Do it once a day either morning or before bed. Follow with flossing & brushing your teeth. I use a tablespoon each night as my substitute for a mouth wash. I have very sensitive teeth & this method has slowly made my teeth less sensitive & brighter.

It's obvious you use it for cooking. You can replace all your cooking oil (the best with curries) with just this. I even use it to spread on my toast instead of butter.

I purchase all my organic coconut oil from Vitacost website. Sign up for free here & you can receive a $10 off your first purchase.

Did I mention they have a bunch of BOGO Free on their Vitacost brand coconut oil? ENJOY :D

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