01 January 2015

Month 1: The hardest 30-days

During my 2-months vacation in Las Vegas this year (2014), I decided to purchase a vape pen to "try it out". To be honest, I didn't really think much about committing to it fully. Until recently when I was waking up pretty crappy & slugging throughout the day. So a month ago, I smoked my last analog and just went straight to vaping. I am no expert but I know how to go on about the basic such as little tricks & the juices.

 I tried many times & failed here and there for 6 months. I decided to get it together & be serious this time around, so here I am wanting to blog my monthly struggle with vaping & trying to quit in general. I know how hard it is trying to quit smoking, but I think vaping has changed that.

I tried cold turkey, chewing gums, patch, and even drowning out my cravings with food (not the best idea haha). Just a month ago, I decided to put my vape to good use, smoke my last analog & started training my mind. For someone who smoked everyday for the last six years, used it as a stress reliever, & when I am bored, I must say that I was very surprised with myself. I had a slight craving about eight times in a month, but I ignored them. I can officially say that this has been the longest time I have not purchase or smoked a single analog, very proud of myself.

Getting started is somewhat hard, but the e-juices comes in different level of nicotine. I smoked an average half a pack a day so I'm vaping 12 mg nicotine juice. Nicotine level goes from 0mg – 24mb (but it can vary from different brands of juices.)

Getting started:
  • I suggest checking out a Vape shop in your local area. They usually offer a sample juice bar where you can try out different juice flavors & nicotine levels. You can also ask the workers what they can recommend you.
  • Purchase a basic vape pen to help you get started. I don't recommend starting out with a vape mod as they are for the expert level vapers. Besides, do you want to start quitting while trying to figure out how to build your coil?
    • My first vape pen is an iTaste VV with a pro tank mini.
  • Start at your own pace. I started cutting down my analog count by half & in between I will vape (I started doing this before my first continuous month.)
  • Start reading up on the benefits of vaping vs. analogs. Trust me, this will help you out a lot. Think about the difference your body will feel like when you wake up in the morning & your savings.
  • Get rid of anything that will trigger your cravings such as lighters or analog butts on the ground.
  • After a week, try to go through the days without smoking analogs, but strictly vaping. Maybe write down rewards for each week you don't smoke or monthly.

I have to admit, it was hard for me because I had a morning routine where no one is allowed to talk to me after my morning coffee, 15 minutes worth of music, & 1-2 stick. I liked to sit outside in the backyard just thinking about what my day will be like. I still do that morning routine except I switched out the sticks with my vape.

We all have to make little adjustments & find something that will work for us. Once you find something that works, stick to it. It is all about training your mind & self-control. I am sure everyone can do it! 



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