28 February 2015

Debt Free: February 2015 Breakdown

(Debt # & Outstanding Balance)

Debt #3: $1,000 =  $2,843.51
Debt #4: $200 =  $11,482.17

You see that Debt #3? Oh yeah! We are on our way to permanently erasing it. Because my vacation started this month, not much was put towards the savings account, but know that 80% of overall income this month was spent toward the bills. I had to do my share of not spending much on "things" to make sure that the $1,000 was spent toward Debt #3 and still had enough to cover the other necessary things such as dog grooming, groceries, phone bills, etc. Little sacrifices needed to be made but hey, it's all for a good cause.

My boyfriend & I had a good long conversation this month about us wanting to aim for August 2015 to find a new place to move into and in a whole new state. So every bit of money saved up will be of great help and the biggest help of all is getting rid of that one pesky debt. You have not met the boyfriend YET, but I will include a new tab or something somewhere for you to get to know us better….. BETTER TOGETHER! :) 

They say money cannot buy you happiness, which is very true. But it's a different feeling when you're slowly paying off your debt, that's like putting your life together by going debt-free. The feeling is….. hard to explain. 

How are we coming along with our debt-free journey? Are we all on track? If not, take a week off and gather your thoughts together. Evaluate your priorities and determine why you started in the beginning. Set a goal for why you are trying to go debt free. 



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