01 March 2015

Month 3: Stuffy Nose

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I searched up this symptom and see if it was normal. Some say it's one way your body is telling you that it is trying to get use to the vape, while others say it could be allergies. I say, I am stuck in-between the two because I do have indoor allergies and mines usually last for awhile (my nose is plugged as we speak), and it is only my third month on vape.

My third month seems to be harder than my first month. Yes, the first 30 days of quitting analogs is hard, but have you ever tried getting up every morning trying to breathe and then going to sleep but can't because your nose is so plug? That feeling like someone shoved a cement mixture through your nostril and placed a road block sign letting air know they can't pass through.

It's hard for me to determine which is the cause because I really have bad indoor allergies, so I don't know if I have to take allergy medicines, stop vaping for awhile, or take fever medicine because I'm about to get a fever. This month is really frustrating because it is messing up my vacation and it does not help that the weather is still around the 40s and 60 degrees all day and night.

On the other hand, I decreased my chin breakouts by 80%. The other 20% is caused by my monthly visit from Aunt Flow, she's on her way right now -_-.

I cannot wait what my fourth month will be like because I am so over this plugged nose. I can't enjoy my vacation and most importantly, I cannot taste any of my food ha-ha.



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