17 February 2015

Fit Before 30

Obviously I'm not 29, but I am five years away so I might as well, huh? I have seen many people tell themselves that they would like to get fit for their big 3-0 so I will give myself a big head start so at least by the time I am 30, I would have acquired a healthy lifestyle. Plus, I really want to enjoy my body because this is the youngest I will ever be and I want to be able to feel really comfortable naked, you know? Yeah, you ladies know what I'm talking about. This will be my ONLY post on this subject and where I will update from. I will not write individual post each month because I want to keep all my progress into one post for easier comparison and updates :) Please excuse the fact that I am wearing bummy undies, but I wanted to show how my body changes wearing the same gym clothes and a more "risqué" one ;)

Back in 2012, I dropped a total of 35 pounds and measurements were 36-28-37. I gained back a total of 15 lbs since my vacation last year and surprise surprise, my numbers increased. This time around, since I know what works for me and what does not, I have the advantage of controlling the situation before I gain that entire 35 pounds that I worked so hard to shed.

Three years ago, I was focused on dropping weights and I got up every morning just to jump on the scale. To be honest, I was pretty depressed relying on the scale and letting it determine how my day will go. As I get older, I don't really want to use the scale anymore. I gave up on the scale awhile ago that I only check my weight when I do see one lying around which is not often. This time around, I'm going to do measurements and how my mood goes and clothes fit because honestly, a scale can make you depress - TRUST ME!

February 17, 2015:
These picture and measurements were taken a month ago but I was so busy that I was not able to keep a routined workout so I stuck with drinking my daily 8 glasses of water and try to eat as healthy as possible (mostly portion control). I used to workout religiously 5-6 times a week about a year and a half ago, dropped 35 pounds and slowly gained back 15 pounds after my 2 months vacation last year. Now here I am rising to 135 lbs and gain back 2-3 inches :(

These second set of pictures were taken just few days ago around the same time as last month. I usually like to do measurements and comparison in the morning when your body has not "manipulated" you yet ha-ha. Meaning, your tummy is flatter and you feel the difference of how you have been eating all month long. After 2-3 hours, your body starts to expand as you drink your coffee and start eating. The most accurate measurements is before you eat anything & when you get out of bed. So here is my one month result from portion control. Not much as weight and measurements go, but I feel "lighter" and my clothes begin to fit differently on me again. YES, that is a badly tanned bum ha-ha. Come on, I'm from Hawaii and beach is LIFE! I have noticed that my waist seems more curved than it was a month ago and my tummy feels a little smaller. I would say flatter but then that would be a lie and it's not like I have done any abs workout in almost a year. So lets say it's a little smaller. Measurements for my waist is the same but can I just say I lost an inch off my tummy?! :) 

March 27, 2015:
I know, I'm about 2 weeks late from my posting schedule but I've been busy…… slacking off. No, I did not slack off from my workout routine, but postponing taking my pictures because lets face it, I felt bloated from my vacation and just been really lazy. I have been working hard and has not skipped a single day since I got back. I also removed all carbs from my diet for the first week and surprising enough, I dropped 4 pounds. Not caring much about the pounds (I'm still thrilled though), I was hoping to drop inches instead. It's only been two weeks so we'll see where another two weeks take me, eh? I also banish sweets for the first week and more water. My skin is thanking me right now, she's glowing like a queen :) Not much has changed from last month (refer to the pictures) because I could not be bothered with working out during my 3-week vacation. Although, I did not party as hard like last year, I did not stay up tip 3AM for late night eats, and I actually ate better. I did not eat much crap and not overdosing my system with liquor so I guess that helped me stay the same as February's picture post? I think so :) 
***These pictures were taken about 2 hours after waking up & after my cup of joe. Just trying to justify whatever needs to be ha-ha.***

May 04, 2015:
I am well aware that I am about 1-2 weeks late with my update post. I am sorry. The update picture is also different because it slipped my mind to take the same pose :/. I am delusional lately, ugh. I will continue the same progress picture next month, I promise okay? Please don't be angry with me. On a different note, I finally lost a pesky annoying inch off my waist and off my hips :). The measurements for my tummy is not included, but I went from a 36 (or 37?) down to a 35" as well. The weight don't really matter to me at this point because honestly, I did not even bother to check because I know I'm still the same as pounds goes. I have been eating frequently but the inches are coming off slowly, but surely. I've been doing extremely well as far as workout consistency. My obsession with calorie counting and the scale has gone from 10 to a 1 meaning I don't count calories, I don't worry so much about consuming carbs (as often anyway), and I will eat when I am hungry. I don't wait until I am starving to eat a meal, but I also will not snack. I will EAT, EAT, EAT! I finally understand how it is like to lift weights instead of just dying with boring cardio. I am more obsessed with my form during a stiff leg deadlift and trying to hit a new PR every two weeks (because I have a bad back and knees to keep adding on weight. I'm still weak and learning.) The progress picture below shows how far my back arched has improved (meaning my tush is coming along ha-ha), my lower tummy has decreased by a lightweight move, and my glutes are totally dying sucking up the gravity (just kidding.) I am on my 8th week of my Build-a-Booty program Read it here and my quads are coming along as well. Last month has been great because I was eating like a normal person again. A normal person who understands the importance of carbs for someone lifting weights. I was not starving my self, thank you Jesus.

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