10 April 2015

90-days Build-a-booty program

I know I mentioned that I will keep only ONE post to update everyone on my fitness journey, but I would like to share the workout programs that I am using to help me achieve my goals.

***I will update this post once I finish the full 90 days of this program with before and after pictures. In the mean time, I will post my 3 weeks result from the first month of the program. Please no rude comments, thanks.***

The program is fairly simple and the moves on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being hard), I would rate it about a 7. But when you perform each moves with great form and increase in weights/resistance, you will scream rating it at 11. The steps are easy to follow, but TRUST ME when I say that when you start increasing your weights each week, you will either feel like you are on beast mode or cry from shaking knees and sore thighs.

You only need a set dumbbells for the program to which I suggest investing on a power block to make it easier for you to switch your weights when necessary. Purchase yourself some ankle weights as well for the glutes bridges move to give resistance. Another equipment I use is a bar with changeable weights to go with it (my boyfriend works out at home  as well & purchased individual weights prior to purchasing the power block). I use the bar for the regular deadlift move and have recently increased the weights about two weeks ago. I went from puny 40 pounds to 50 pounds during the last two weeks of the first month. I am happy to say that I will be increasing the weights for my deadlift to 60-70 pounds this coming week (my goal is at least 100 - 120 pounds by the end of the program).

The key to maximizing your results or to notice results is to be consistent, eat clean, and do your stretches. This is my 2nd if not 3rd time trying out the program, but I was not consistent thus not seeing much results. I have not missed a single session for the last 4 weeks and I am starting to reap the benefits. My glutes feel more firm and giiiiirl, they are starting to defy gravity ha-ha. Eat clean while doing the program (or any fitness journey or just in general actually) because why try to tone up when you're always scarfing down quarter pounders and large fries dunked in chocolate shake? Eating clean will also help you boost your energy for the next booty day! Last tip is to always do your stretches! I used to be flexible because I used to do at home pilates, yoga, and flexibility challenge, but that went out the door last year. Now, I am stiff as a log once again and made my first two weeks like hell because I often had sore muscles. Try to spend at least 5 minutes to stretch out your legs the day before booty day and again on your booty/leg day. It helps you prepare and avoid stiff muscles :) There is nothing worse than working out like a beast when you cannot do the right form due to sore and stiff muscles. No bieno!

So far, I would recommend this program to anyone wanting a firm apple bottom by 2015 summer season. You have 3 months to get that if you start today!

Equipments needed:

  • Set of dumbbells (various weights)
  • Bar (optional)
  • Ankle weights (optional)
  • Chair
  • Individual weights (optional)
Total program length:
  • 90 days (3 months & 3 phase)

Taken: March 2015 (3rd week results)

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