05 March 2015

Getting ahead in life

This is the perfect post to finally introduce my better half, my King, my personal cheerleader. This was our first ever picture 8 years ago :)

Most people read that title and think “money.” I know two years ago, I would have thought that but as you get older, it means more than just money. I have realized that lately I have been writing down “to-list” that connects back to money because I can't shake off the student loan debt my boyfriend has earned from college. But things are starting to fall into place for us because we are moving forward in our relationship.

We have been together for a total of seven years passing through a lot of mess, stress, goals, and growth. Being apart (thru physical distance) taught us how to develop as an individual, which is something we were not able to do since we were always together as “kids.”

We both have our own dreams, but one dream we do have in common is that we want success – a life full of satisfaction, hard work, and unlimited love. We matured together as a team and as individuals, which is what I define as getting ahead. We are a team formed by two cheerleaders because we are each other's biggest supporter. When one is down, the other will carry the weight of the world until the other fully recover. We do not let each other trail behind and stay there alone.

To get ahead in life, you must work on yourself before anything can fall in to place. Nobody and nothing is perfect. Everything requires your focus and 110% attention, but always be aware of your surroundings. It influences your journey and you should always keep them in mind because it helps to mold you into the person you wish to be or not to be.

We're getting ahead in life by working together instead of against each other. He's working on his career** and I'm working on my dream. Life can only get better from here on out.

** For safety purposes, I will not mention what his exact career description is, but I can tell you it is not illegal ha-ha.  



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