26 January 2015

Changes to “Some Minimalist”

Okay, so I have been posting twice a week regarding tips and random beauty post I evaluated what I really want to accomplish this year and that’s erasing $30k of school loans, being frugal (or spending wisely), & my getting my health on track (vaping and fitness).

In the month of February, I will be organizing and editing this blog and hope that it will go on about the right path. Please excuse me while I confuse myself trying to shift things around as well as changing my post schedule. Give me at least on month to get it together.

Main post links to look out for & schedules:

Vaping Updates: Every 1st of the month
$30k Debt-Free: Every 31st of the month
Fit Before 30: Every 17th of the month
Shopping Diet: Begins March 16, 2015 (After my vacation)
52 Reviews: Every Monday

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