31 January 2015

Debt Free: January 2015 Breakdown

(Debt # & Outstanding Balance)

Debt #3: $2,000 =  $3,799.13
Debt #4: $200 =  $11,401.91

It’s been almost been 12 months since I have not posted the monthly breakdown to clearing up the debts, I’m sorry. But hey, life happens okay? Important thing is getting back up & picking up where we left off. That was a bit mushy, but here is this month’s debt free breakdown journey. We like to pay in big lump sum when my boyfriend ships out for work because money income is much better than on off sea months. Vacation will be coming up again for me next month so I needed to get a grip on the bills before flying off again like last year. This year, we are very determined to pay off Debt #3 by the first six months because it’s so close to hitting that $0 balance e-mail. When Debt #3 is out of the way, the main focus will be on the last Debt #4, damn I get really a good kick whenever I do bills every month. We are not only focusing on paying off the debt this year, but also on our credit cards. We have no kids (except for a dog & a rabbit) but we also have two 7-year-old debts that demand our financial attention.

2015 is game-time…. Err making big leap financially J

How are you doing with your debt free journey? How do you manage your wants & needs? Do you worry about paying big lump sum towards your debts? Anyone in their 20s stuck paying with student loans?



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