14 January 2015

2014: Top 5 beauty favorites

My favorite type of once a year post :) Top beauty favorites of 2014!

OPI Nail Envy Strengthener: I just have to say, the staple for all my fellow nail biters out there. You have a new best friend that you will never ever turn your back on. After the first 2-weeks of on this miracle bottle, I could not stop tapping the wall because my nails grew so fast & triple in thickness. 
3D White Strips: I cannot eat hot soup & drown it down with ice cold water. I have really sensitive teeth that I am so afraid of biting a popsicle. I'm also a coffee drinker (I drink A LOT, by the dozen if I could) & no matter how often you brush your teeth, it will not keep my pearlies white. 
Juice Beauty Blemish Cleanser: I have tried all sort of cleanser from the drug store & to the expensive  ones that will only last about 2-months. Not only is this cleanser gentle & organic, but it is also effective. 

Aveeno SPF15 Daily Moisturizer: I used to be an Olay girl, but I started noticing the blots & the greasy feel it left my face. Then I discovered Aveeno while searching for something to use in the day that can mask up the smell of the ACV toner I have been using. This works perfectly for me & my dark acne scars started to fade. 

Original Frank Scrub: Ahh yes! The popular coffee scrub that everyone on Instagram has been raving about. I jumped on the wagon & refuse to get off of it. It has helped me get thru the winter months from dry skin. Thank you, babe ;).

These are my TOP 5 Faves of 2014 & where would I be today? Dramatic I know, but hey - I do love my beauty regimens. Full reviews will soon follow, ladies!

Have any of you tried and loved any of these products? Or any bad experiences? Share in the comment box below. Enjoy gals! 



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