21 January 2015

New Year’s Resolution

I can cut this post in half and simply say I just don’t want to make the same pointless chaos I did in 2014. But that would also be pointless and it would suck, ha-ha.

This year I have decided to break my New Year’s resolution into four categories and called it “2015 bucket list”, and it just sounds less scary. I know “if your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough”, but the way I see it anything will scare you, but to save yourself the disappointment at the end of the year (which most of us will), I decided to look at my resolution as a bucket list. This way at the end of the year, whatever I did not fully accomplish I can carry it out to the following year’s bucket. But please do TRY to empty out your bucket each intended year J

Enough ranting, here are my four categories (with brief summary)

Dream Job: I want to open a handmade dainty jewelry website for wanderlust souls. Maybe dabble slowly back into making clothes again.
  • ·      Earn 1k Instagram followers
  • Hold a giveaway contest 
  • ·      Make total $500 in clothes sales
  • ·      Make 20 product sales 
  • ·      Participate in a charity event  (St. Anthony's Fun Bazaar Fundraise - Maui)
  • ·      Launch “DaintybyArrow.com”

Health: Vow to never buy or smoke another analog, go back to being active, and test the limit of my body.
  • ·      Strictly vape
  • ·      Drop down to 115 – 120 pounds
  • ·      Decrease waist to 26 – 28”
  • ·      Be able to run a mile under 10 minutes again
  • ·      Start picking up pilates again
  • ·      Drink a gallon a day
  • ·      Do a detox one-week each month to cleanse the body
  • ·      Get more sleep (Goal is minimum 6 hours, so I need to learn to sleep earlier)
  • ·      Stick to a workout regimen until it becomes a habit by the end of the year
  • ·      Less red meat
  • ·      Perfect my left and leg split

Financial: Know where the income is going & to erase the debts of our student life before we start our 30s.
  • ·      Go on a shopping diet for three months (March – June)
  • ·      End the year with 850 credit score
  • ·      Find a new PT/FT job
  • ·      Pay off $6,000 for Debt #3 (PAID OFF - March 2015)
  • ·      Pay off a total of $2,500 for Debt #4
  • ·      Have $2,000 in emergency fund
  • ·      Save a total of $6,000 – $8,000 in personal savings

Personal: To learn that I deserve my love just as much as anyone else. To continue working on myself, traveling to discover what I want, & stop clinging on to fear.
  • ·      Learn to say “No” more often to things that I don’t want to feel, do, or see
  • ·      License (because I need to drive legally & stop being afraid of parking a car ha-ha)
  • ·      New beginning, new apartment, new city, new people!
  • ·      EDC 2015
  • ·      Finish writing my first book's manuscript 
  • ·      Send out 5k paper cranes to “Cranes for Cancer”
  • ·      Send 2 shoebox to two children for Christmas
  • ·      Learn a new full song on my ukulele
  • ·      Grow out my hair to my waist
  • ·      Apologize more when I hurt someone
  • ·      Write more
  • ·      Read a total of 10 books
  • ·      Make 2 canvas paintings
  • ·      Enter 2 poetry contest
  • ·      Start writing a memoir for #SelfInjuryAwareness
  • ·      Finish my silhouette tattoo with a mandala
  • ·      Focus on what matters
  • ·      Move on from those who makes you question your worth

What will your 2015 look like in 2016? Your life will be the thickest book you will ever write. The only book that will not hit the bookstore shelves, but everyone after you will read. Make sure it’s written exactly the way you want it to be & that it speaks volume.



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