06 April 2015

Movers Ready?

It's that time of the year again when the bucket and mop gets together for long hours of cleaning. Empty boxes for "Throw, Donate, Keep" label. I'll be honest here, I don't get why thoroughly cleaning your home should be determined by a season. I mean, shouldn't you always try and keep it clean anyway? Who am I to judge, I was just putting it out there ha-ha. Please don't hate me. 

I'm afraid of spring because although my allergies happens whenever it feels like it, I hate spring the most. It always makes me want to shoot my nose off. I still do it anyway because I am a clean freak, so what the heck. 

This year's spring cleaning will be a little different because it might just be the official LAST spring cleaning I will ever have in Hawaii. I'm starting to have doubts about it, but I think I just feel anxious. I'm also going to be honest that I have not made any "to clean" list this time as I usually do each year, but rather made categories and list of what I need to rid of and take. I'm starting the "Mover's Ready" list. 

My spring cleaning involves: Sell, Keep, Donate, and Save bucket (Moving expenses such as first rent, tickets, pets, etc).

  1. 30% - 50% of clothes (Thru Threadflip app)
  2. 25% home goods (Summer garage sale?)
  3. Furnitures (Dresser, desk, tables thru Craigslist)
  4. DVDs (Thru Buy-and-sell book stores)
  5. Workout equipments (Thru Craigslist)
  6. iMac (Thru online?)
  1. Christmas goodies
  2. Unsold clothes
  3. Books
  4. Unsold home goods
  1. Clothes that still fits and of use 
  2. Sentimental items 
  3. Our Dog and Bunny (Obviously ha-ha)
  1. $1,500 (for Doggy & Bunny)
    • $500 for plane tickers
    • $500 for vet check-ups & neuter surgery 
    • $100 airline approved carriers 
    • $400 for first month expenses 
  2. $2,000 (for The Move)
    • Two one-way tickets 
    • Luggages fees
  3. $1,500 (for Move-in fees)
    • Non-refundable fees
    • Pet fees
    • Bunch of first time renter b.s. really 
  4. $2,000 (for transportation)
    • Auto downpayment
  5. $10,000 (for 6-7 months expenses)
    • Monthly rent
    • Monthly expenses & current bills 
This seems like a lot of money to save & things to do just to move and in just 3-4 months (due date), but as long as we focus and stay on track I think it is very doable. Give me the strength to avoid winter clearance, God. I beg of you ha-ha. This is the big reason why I started the Shopping Diet Challenges because I needed motivation. 

Month breakdown :
  1. April - May 
    • Sell unwanted clothing
    • Save Bucket # 1, #3, & #5
  2. June - August  
    • Sell and Donate everything 
    • Save Bucket #2 & #4
It's a pretty simple list,  but when money is involved it surely is harder to follow. I think I will print this post out and stick it on my wall. I can feel a panic attack coming through just reading the Save Bucket category. But I am a Virgo and this is what we do! Make a long list, panic, look at the list again, panic some more, give up, and eventually get it done anyway. 


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