01 April 2015

Month 4: Decreasing on MG

This month went by rather quickly and I cannot praise the heavens enough for it. Given that my third month was filled with plugged nose and I could not taste my food, this month was the end of it. I started tasting food as long as if they were spicy at the level of sweats on your scalp, lips numb, and eyes burning.

I didn't notice much changes as far as my body goes but I am happy to say that I have noticed my vaping decreased. The amount of nicotine also dropped from 12 mg to 3-9mg in just three weeks. My urge to vape now compared to two months ago has lessen to about 50% if I say so myself. I no longer feel the need to constantly hold on to my vape when I am out in public or near me. My battery life on my vape at full charge can last me about a day and a half, sometimes a full 48 hours. A 15 ml e-juice use to last me exactly 7 days and as of today, that can last me about 10 days.

My fourth month has to be the closest I have ever gotten to being analog-free compared to the days I used to try cold turkey. I have never felt better about my skin, breathing, and waking up in the morning. I dreaded waking up because I always felt sluggish and tired, but today I can stretch for a minute and hop out of bed at 7AM without wanting to roll over and sleep in.

I know it is not as good as being completely off the analogs because I still have nicotine intakes daily, but give me credit because I have been a half-a-pack-a-day for 6 long years. This is the closest I got to victory! Ha-ha, sounds mushy, but if it had not been for vaping I would not have the energy to start up on my fitness journey again or have the strength to wake up with a positive attitude everyday. Vaping has helped me think clearly and focus on all the things on my to-do-list.

What have you done to help you quit analogs? Are you vaping?

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