12 June 2011

BBQ Event at home

Hawaii's Dave's Ice cream has been around for awhile and I always have to buy me some of their frozen chocolate covered grapes. I had to try out the strawberries but they weren't as good as I thought it would be because they were super sour and it's $1.25 for one. I was very disappointed because the berries were very small and they were EXPENSIVE! I will probably end up making my own and sharing with you, bloggers and I will really go all out for you.

Right next door to Dave's ice cream is Foodland and if you ask anyone around here, they will tell you exactly how their fresh pokes taste like and they will most likely say that they taste very ono. Top: fresh Ahi poke -- Bottom: California poke -- both paired with some roasted ritz veggie crackers. It might sound kind of weird but it's like those fancy appetizers at black and white parties except Hawaii style. I can even eat these raw babies with mountain of rice haha. 

We decided to BBQ the other day since we haven't done in awhile due to.... you guess it; BUSY! Plus we wanted to see faces we haven't seen in awhile and Walter's bestfriend just got back from a five months work in Africa so what better way than a few "pupus" and drinks. We started the grill 2 hours early so we wanted to make sure we can taste the mushroom wrapped in bacon before anyone arrived and some fresh steak. 

Boy, did Walter do a great job or what?! This is what you call a juicy medium rare and the picture don't lie, look at all those juices flowing off the slice of meat and how beautifully done it is outside and inside red, juicy, and super tender. My mouth is watering just looking at how fantastic he had done it. I wish we still had some in the fridge but it's long gone. 

He always know when we have some cooking going on. Here is Patron waiting patiently for me to drop some crumbs and giving me his "I'm begging, Mom on ALL four knees" pose.

This is so random, I had to finish the night with some twisted extra cheesy cheetos.  Great BBQ, awesome food, and company. When you have the chance, go on and give yourself a break and have a get together with friends and share some laughter, it's great for the soul and for your tired sole. 

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