06 June 2011

Pet groomer at home

Hair care:
If you have a super shedder dog like my pomeranian, Patron then you know how much they shed and how annoying it can be. But the hair is probably not as annoying as the price you pay every 6-8 weeks to have them groom. I love my boy and I will do every single thing he needs, vet check ups, medicines, toys, treats, groom, etc. But these really adds up and lets not forget that super furry dogs are about $60 and up for my small dog, imagine a chow chow breed?! I seen a lot of reviews on this Furminator and decided to give it a try. I will do a separate post with the end result of Patron after his next week shower.
Let me tell you, the result was so crazy. I think Hawaii was snowing with brown and red fur, it was amazing and funny. This furminator helps lessen the hair flying around in the house and lessen the hair that goes on your favorite black dress.

I also found another thing that made things easier around the house with Patron; walking like the prince that he is. I also purchased Scaredy Cut which doubles up the duty with the whole grooming process. You will feel like a pro, bathing, deshedding, AND cutting; you don't even have measure anything. It comes with a few sizes of detachable combs that attaches to a shear scissor. Just comb thru the fur and any extra hair sticking up the opposite way, you cut.

Paw care:
I cut Patron's nails every 6 weeks when I groom him or you can use pedipaws but I've tried it before and it didn't really work for my pomeranian. He didn't like the sound of it and it freaked him out. He's okay with paw handling but he couldn't take the buzzing sound.

You can take a buzzer or use shear scissors but please be careful. Don't forget to buzz those fur that sticks out under the paws because it can matte and can make your dog slip.

Dental care:
People think it's very hard but dogs do need daily dental care like us. I love those long double sided toothbrush, meat flavor toothpaste, breath fresheners, and breath MINT. Yes they have all these things for dogs. Patron really loves the meat flavor paste which makes the whole process way easier to do twice a day, spray the freshener, and reward him with a breath mint made for furry babies. This helps stinky breath! Whew.

Small investment on the nail clippers, scaredy cuts, and furminator will be well worth it. Your wallet will thank you for it and it's a great feeling knowing that you are saving a bundle!!!!

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