20 June 2011

Watch Youtube and save money

I'm changing up my schedule because school is starting soon and I need to change up everything specially my spending or I will be broke in no time once school begins.

  • If you're a pet owner, grooming every 2 months will add up. Average for me is $70 every 2 months including tips. That's $420/year and it don't seem much but it is to my little tiny wallet and budget. Check out youtube and search for grooming tips for your type of dog and buy yourself a cheap set of clippers, nail clipper, and shear scissor for dogs. You can splurge a little on a groom table if you'd like but use a tall table up to your waist to save money. 
  • Search youtube on how to trim your hair because like dog grooming, it should be at least 6 weeks to keep healthy hair from getting split ends. I pay about $40 including tips just to get a trim and that's about $360 a year so if you own a dog plus your trim, that's a whopping total of $780/year.  Shear scissor and some hair ties and you're set. Go for it!
  • Buy some $1 herb seeds and built a wooden box from scraps, fill up with miracle grow and you have fresh herbs on hand whenever you need them. That saves your trip to the store and tax free! Added bonus, grow some tomatoes since they can be used in a lot of different dishes, eggplant, and some leafy greens.
  • Check out youtube on how to make your own shirts or how to fix up old clothes to invent something new rather than throwing away everything and going shopping. 
  • Use coupons whenever you can and as much as you can. It sounds so frugal but it will thank you later on. 
  • Check out new recipes online rather than buying cook books because they are a waste of space when you think about it and that would be a waste of paper and money. Why not save your money and use it to buy ingredients for a meal right off of the internet. 

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