16 June 2011

Saving money from now on

Just a quick blog since I haven't done much in awhile and everything has been so hectic. If you follow me on twitter, you will know that I have announced couple of weeks ago that I am heading back to school for a business management degree *pat self on the back* so everything shifted. My spending budget to my at home schedule which includes work and my social networks. Education is not cheap but you get what you paid for at this point. I'm cutting back on a lot of things and adding more things to my home remedies and MAJOR budget control. Here are a few of the things I have organized together for my routine and trying to prepare for school.

  • Eating out less.
  • Using coupons more than I already do.
  • Bought the furminator and scaredy cut to groom Patron at home.
  • Making a short grocery list and sticking to it!
  • Never buy groceries on an empty stomach.
  • Spend on bills and rest goes to savings account.
  • Going out to shopping centers less.
  • Cutting up old bath towels for at home rags.
  • No splurging on cosmetics and beauty care.
  • Using baking soda for skin essential.
  • Buying vegetables, poultry, and meat from the farmer's market rather than bulk.
  • Checking out Craigslist's FREE categories for DIY products. If no luck, don't be tempted to look elsewhere. 
I have to admit, all these are sort of hard to stick to but you learn once you keep in mind that you can't be spending money you don't have. Self control is all you need and if you don't have it, find other ways because I know there are loopholes but I am to scared to take risk on it. 

Life of a future college girl and always on the grind - TOUGH!

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