12 June 2011

Oven baked chicken & home-made sauce


I really wish I could share the recipe for this bad boy but Walter is very proud that he made his own "secret sauce recipe"so i don't think I can give out the recipe for it. But I can tell you one thing, it was the first thing he ever made from scratch and I would hate to burst his bubble. 

We actually had a peaceful 3 days weekend and we wanted to have a little time to ourselves since we're always running busy doing this and that. He brought home a hundred dollar champagne from California and we had a few glass and it made the meal even more fantastic. It really brought out the taste of the baked chicken and it was super mm-mmm-mmm. I can tell you a little trick I do with boneless and skinless chicken thigh to make it crispy. Cover up the top of the chicken pieces with bread crumbs right before you pop it in the over and you will have a nice "crusty skin" and it's more healthier. Please don't forget steam veggies :)

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