12 June 2011

Machi over for the weekend

My grandparents are spending their yearly anniversary out of the island for the weekend and guess who came over? Machi boy has to be baby sat because he's a super naughty when my mama is not home plus he is very spoiled. Not at his sissy's house he's not because he has to obey my mom's rules . Don't worry, he has a lot of attention and he has me as a playmate but he always bark at me and growls. He was being naughty and biting at me any chance he got so my mom tried to fit the muzzle on his tiny snout. Sent this photo update to my mama and my mom got a huge lecture from her about how sad and pleading his eyes are haha. So two more days with this little 2 pounder and no more naughty house "rat". Please Mama, hurry and come home because uncle Machi is not very nice to me :( But don't worry I still love him. 

Love, Patron

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