12 June 2011

Filipino sweet longganisa

Walter loves these things and he goes crazy for them anytime of day with TONS of white rice and his side dish of tomatoes. I love buying them at our local farmer's market down the road because they sell 2 pounds of these for only $7.25 and if I was to buy just a pound of these elsewhere I know I would be paying $6 for it. You have to love the farmer's market because they are all fresh, cheaper, and you can get it tax free if the vendor is nice enough. 

These longganisas are sold either sweet or vinegar flavor and both goes well with anything and tons of rice. I'm Filipino so anything with fermented fish sauce, fresh tomatoes, chopped fresh ginger, and raw yellow onion; pop it in the fridge til ready to serve just to let all the flavors mix together. Serve, enjoy, and be a Filipino for a day! MABUHAY!

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