25 June 2011

Nocturnal again

I do not know why I am up so late and I did not even take a single minute of a power nap today. It's 3 in the AM Hawaii time right now and I feel so wide awake but my eyes are starting to shut down. Walter's busy with his xbox elite and I'm stuck in a cozy room with Patron snoring and farting away behind me. I received some secret good news today but let's just say I have more space around the house now; when I am happy I like to shop -- just a little. I headed down to walmart and bought me a new microfiber floor mop which I am excited to use tomorrow, bought the new Olay professional which I think I over used since I got home, and some nail clippers for Patron since I'm a groomer at home now. I am not a professional and I don't claim to be but it's okay to tell my own self that I am indeed the best out there -- on this block anyway. It has been so hectic around at home that I can't seem to find the perfect time to get away from it all and blog like I used to do. I am so caught up with everything, chores, work, school registrations, saving money, and all these other things that I don't have a category for. I will start fresh when July comes and did I tell you yet? I am gonna go on a diet for awhile so all these junk foods will be a big NO NO!

Give me a week and I will do a review on the Olay Professional brush and I will tell you if it's a go or a nay so check my BEAUTY category for the review and my two sense. Ciao.


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