31 March 2013

20 pounds down

In reality, I lost five pounds this month. I worked out for two months and dropped 25 pounds then gained back ten pounds, unfortunately. But I started back again on March 04, 2013 and as of March 23, 2013 I lost 50% of that weight I gained back. WOOOHOOO! That's the update on my weight loss so far. I am also back to eating clean again but still have a few cheat meals. Yes, there are times when I will binge but since eating clean again, my body will shut down if I eat crap.

I struggle from time to time then I have days when I feel like I just murdered a giant (meaning my elliptical machine at home). But most days are good :)


  1. Wow keep up the good work!! What diet are you on? Eating clean and working out?

  2. Ai: Thank you :D. I am such a noob when it comes to the "hardcore" strength training and stuff and I get bored or frustrated easily. I strictly do cardio 5-6 days a week AT LEAST 30 minutes. Eat clean and have one cheat day so I dont feel deprived. Have you heard of the site or iPhone app "My Fitness pall"? I use it to track everything :)

  3. Wow thats amazing! I wish I could do that!

    Seaside Beauty <3

  4. Helen: I used to say the same thing about people losing weight, too. Hard work and discipline pays off :)