25 March 2013

Hawaii 2013 Auto Show

Is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen? I don't really care for car show, let alone interest in cars I mean unless we were talking about a brand new car for me then yes we will talk. But if it is just to sit in the shade for people to awe over it, no thanks. But I wanted to go out to check out my brother in law's car that he entered into the show plus a free pass to check out the brand new autos so why not. It is a shame that this little guy was tucked away in the corner. Yes, it had some oil leak on the bottom, some wires were sticking out the front light but really? It is freaking awesome I mean I would drive this car around! Just a few work, more wax, and more cleaning I would be caught in a Chanel purchase, JC Litas, and a messy hair bun in this bad boy ;)

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